MainPower supports drought support services for local farmers.

As the ongoing dry weather continues to pose significant challenges to farmers in our community, MainPower is proud to announce further support for the North Canterbury Rural Support Trust - a local service provider dedicated to offering essential support services to farmers during trying times.

With our commitment, MainPower hopes to help alleviate some of the burdens faced by our local agricultural community and ensure they receive the assistance they need to navigate through this challenging period.

The drought conditions have presented farmers with unprecedented obstacles, including stock feed shortages, crop failures, and financial strain. In response to these challenges, the North Canterbury Rural Support Trust has been actively working to provide a range of support services tailored to the specific needs of farmers in our area. From financial counselling and community wellbeing events to access to vital resources and educational workshops, their efforts have been instrumental in helping farmers withstand the impacts of the drought and sustain their livelihoods.

With a largely rural network, MainPower recognises the critical role that farmers play in our community and the broader agricultural landscape. By supporting The North Canterbury Rural Support Trusts work, MainPower hopes to in some way help those affected by the drought within our network.

The Rural Support Trust expressed their gratitude for the contribution from MainPower, emphasising the significance of corporate support to their operations "The support from MainPower will enable us to provide vital assistance to even more farmers facing hardships due to the drought," said North Canterbury Rural Support Trust Chairman, Noel McGirr "the funding will help us to help local farmers and ensure they have the support they need to overcome these challenges."

For more information about The North Canterbury Rural Support Trust and their support services, please visit


About The North Canterbury Rural Support Trust

The North Canterbury Rural Support Trust is a part of a national network dedicated to providing support services to farmers and their families. The North Canterbury Rural Support Trust delivers a range of initiatives, events and support services to assist farmers in North Canterbury to overcome challenges and sustain their livelihoods during times of crisis.

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