Are there areas where a 3 phase supply is required?

Yes, there are certain areas that require a 3 phase power supply. A lot of rural blocks also require a 3 phase supply. Please contact MainPower on 0800 30 90 80 for more information.

How long does a connection take?

The entire process of connecting to MainPower's network and getting power to your property takes a minimum of 15 working days. At any time, you can contact MainPower to check the progress of your connection.

I have purchased a property and don’t know where the connection is?

It's important to know if you have an available power supply to your section. If you cannot locate the connection or are not sure, please contact MainPower for assistance, phone 0800 30 90 80.

What if I don't have a power supply available?

To get connected to the MainPower network, you need to have a suitable power supply to your site. If you don't have a power supply or you are not sure, you will need to complete a new power supply request.

What are MainPower's power supply application and design fees?

You can find our application and design fees below.

Click here to view application and design fees from 01 March 2024.

To get started, click here to make an application.

Where can I get a temporary power supply from?

Temporary supply connections give builders and other tradespeople access to electricity supply at a worksite where temporary power is required.

Your electrician or an approved provider, such as those listed below, can arrange a temporary builders' supply with MainPower.

SafePower Services

0800 POWER UP (03 343 3814)

Jamie Nutbrown Electrical

0800 563 583

022 069 6107

Bluecurrent (previously Vector Electrical Services )

0800 034 567

Hanmer Alpine Electrical & Air Conditioning

Office: 03 315 7955

After hours: 027 441 3101

Areas serviced: Hanmer, Lyford, Rotherham, Waiau, Culverden, Engineers Camp, Harwarden, Waikari, Cheviot and Maruia township.

Please note, there may be a charge for processing a new connection. All costs for temporary power are the responsibility of the customer.


What can my business do to be prepared for a power outage?

  • Check your terms and conditions with your electricity retailer - it will detail notification periods for planned electricity network outages and any compensation clauses.

  • Check your insurance provisions – how long does power need to be off before the policy covers you.

  • Have a good back up plan and ensure your staff are trained.

  • Consider the use of manual eftpos and credit card options.

  • Can your site be supplied by a generator – know your capacity requirements, connection options and generator hire contact details.

  • Have alternative locations for storage of perishable goods and freezer blankets.

  • Have back-up alternative locations to work from and phone diversions to mobiles contingency in place and when the power comes on understand what equipment needs resetting.

What should I do during a planned power outage?

If you will be affected by a planned outage, your electricity retailer will send you a letter in advance, so you can make other arrangements.

Planned outages are also listed on our website, visit the planned outages page.

Who is a priority customer?

Special consideration is given to the continuity of supply to customers whose health or livelihood could be adversely affected by an interruption. Priority customers include those who maintain essential services as well as medically dependent customers.

Customers with serious medical conditions, who rely on continuity of supply to support life, are treated as priority customers. Every effort is made to maintain continuity of supply and, if necessary, to advise them of any interruptions to supply so that alternate arrangements can be made. If you are a medically dependent customer, please ensure we are aware of your needs by contacting your electricity retail provider and letting them know. Or, contact us on 0800 30 90 80.

Why do power outages occur?

There are two types of power outage, planned and unplanned.

Planned power outages occur when we need to complete maintenance work on the network. If you will be affected by a planned outage, you will receive a notification from your chosen electricity retailer in advance.

Unplanned power outages occur when unforeseen circumstances cause damage to the network (e.g. car accidents, tree branches or other debris being blown into power lines etc.).

Does MainPower charge for callouts?

MainPower provides a 24-hour fault response service. When a customer’s property or actions have caused the fault, the responsible customer will be charged a call out fee.

Call outs caused by a MainPower network fault will not incur a fee.

MainPower call out fees

  • Fault call out during normal working hours (7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday):

    • $228.00+GST minimum charge, plus travel.

    • Additional charges will be billed for any equipment required. Additional time during business hours will be charged at our standard rate ($114.00+GST per hour).

    • MainPower callouts fees are charged from for the time our staff leave a depot, to the time they return to a depot.

  • Fault call out afterhours:$342.00+GST minimum charge, plus travel.

    • Additional charges will be billed for any equipment required. Additional time will be charged at our standard rate ($114.00+GST per hour).

    • MainPower callouts fees are charged from for the time our staff leave a depot, to the time they return to a depot.

All chargeable call outs will incur a minimum fee for a two-hour period (plus travel costs). Where we are required to stand staff down as a result of attending an afterhours call out, we reserve the right to charge a stand down fee.

Capacity increase

How can I find out what capacity I have?

  • You could check with the previous owner of your property.

  • Contact your electrician.

  • Get in touch with MainPower (0800 30 90 80, or There may be a fee for this service.

What happens if I need to increase my capacity?

MainPower charges for increasing capacity at an ICP (Installation Control Point, i.e. where the house, shed etc. connects to the network). Please contact us to discuss these charges.

To start the process, check that the wiring inside your house or business is capable of taking the increased current. You electrician will be able to help you with this.

Why do you charge for capacity upgrades?

In some cases, in order to increase the load at an existing ICP (Installation Control Point, e.g. house or shed), MainPower will be required to carry out significant upgrades to the electricity distribution network (e.g. upgrading the transformers, power lines etc. supplying the ICP). This can incur a significant cost.

In order to cover this cost, MainPower charges for all capacity increases. This fee contributes towards any network upgrade work that may be required as a result of the specific capacity increase, or other capacity increases in the future. In this way, no single customer ends up being charged for the entire cost of a network upgrade, but rather the cost is spread across all customers who will benefit.

Why would I need to increase my capacity?

If you are thinking about altering the heating source within your home (e.g. going from a log burner, to multiple heat pumps) or you wish to run extra appliances from your home (e.g. charging an electric vehicle, or a spa pool), you may need to increase your capacity in order to meet the added demand of such appliances. Your electrician will be able to advise you on what will be required. MainPower are happy to work with your electrician, or to provide you with information directly. Get in touch by calling MainPower on 0800 30 90 80