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Apply for funding

Nominate a school or community group for a share of $30,000 distributed by MainPower each year. 2020 applications are open.

Why do schools need to nominate a specific project, activity or event?

As we receive so many nominations for schools, understanding exactly what the funds would be used for will help to differentiate when shortlisting finalists. This will help North Canterbury voters to make a more informed decision on where to cast their vote rather than simply selecting the name...

Community Fund recipients

MainPower's Community Fund has supported 50 different community groups and school projects since starting in 2015.

$30,000 awarded to community groups and schools

A new batch of schools and charitable organisations have been named as recipients of the 2022 MainPower Community Fund.Since 2015, the Fund has distributed more than $190,000 to more than 170...

How will the funds be divided between schools and community groups?

The $40,000 will be allocated between not-for-profit community groups and schools. The amount each community not-for-profit group or school gets depends on what they are applying for, the number of votes they received and whether their projects will have a significant impact on the community.

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