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Why does MainPower control load on the network?

MainPower continuously monitors the load across the electricity distribution network of North Canterbury. When necessary, adjustments are made to ensure a continuous supply of electricity for the region. Load control helps to keep the cost of distributing electricity as low as possible.

What is the MainPower Community Fund?

The MainPower Community Fund is a contestable fund available to community groups, cultural not-for-profit organisations or schools operating in or serving the North Canterbury region. In each funding round, there is a share of $40,000 available to be split between the successful applicants.

What does MainPower NZ Ltd do?

The core business of MainPower New Zealand Ltd is the distribution of electricity to more than 42,000 homes and busiensses in the Waimakariri, Hurunui and Kaikōura regions.Find our more about MainPower here.

What is changing with network charges?

From 1 April 2023, MainPower’s network charges will be increasing. For the average residential customer, this will result in an increase of around 11.2% (around $8 per month) on the transmission and distribution portion of your power bill. The overall increase in network charges is due to...

What does the MainPower Trust do?

MainPower NZ Ltd is a consumer-owned company. The MainPower Trust holds the ownership of the company on behalf of the communities of North Canterbury and for qualifying customers.Learn more about the MainPower Trust by visiting their website.

When does MainPower control electricity delivered to hot water cylinders?

Like roading networks, electricity networks experience peak times when demand is high and capacity is near the limit. On a roading network, this would look like a rush hour traffic jam.Peak times on the MainPower network typically occur on cold winter mornings and evenings (when most customers...