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Connecting to the MainPower network enables you to purchase electricity from retailers in North Canterbury

There are three options for connecting to the network, depending on what you want to do:

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New power supply/ amend existing supply

My property has no power at the boundary or I am amending an exisiting supply

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New connection

My property has an existing power supply to the boundary but still needs to be connected to an ICP.

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Connect distributed generation (DG)

My property will have wind, solar, thermal or hydro generation

Connect distributed generation

Connecting your distributed generation (solar, hydro or wind) to the MainPower network allows you to distribute any excess power you generate. Learn more about the distributed generation connection process.

We recommend that before you submit your application, you make contact with our Network Services Representative team to discuss your needs (0800 30 90 80 or

How much power do I need?

Most residential homes have a ‘single phase’ or ‘three phase’ connection supplying 230 volts. For a modern family home, this connection is often 60 amps for a single phase, or 32 amps across three phases. Your fusing could be more or less if your house is smaller, larger, or was built at a time when fewer electrical devices were used around the home.

Small commercial buildings usually need more capacity, such as 100 or 200 amps. Large commercial stores or warehouses could need 400 amps to 1200 amps of capacity depending on their size.

Your capacity needs will vary depending on the amount of power you are using at your property, and there is no "standard capacity" or one-size fits all.

Read our FAQs on capacity increases

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New Power Connection

The New Power Connection application is submitted to MainPower

The customer or someone working on behalf of the customer (like an electrician) will submit an online application for a new power connection to MainPower.

MainPower processes the application

MainPower will issue a new Installation Control Point (ICP) number. This takes a maximum of three working days.

MainPower advises the retailer of the new connection request

MainPower needs to advise the retailer of the new power connection. Once this is done, the retailer needs to confirm the details with the customer directly. This process takes approximately five working days.

Retailer accepts the new power connection

Once the retailer has contacted the customer directly and is satisfied with the details, they will approve the connection.

At this point, two things happen at once.

Electrician/ customer requests the power to be turned on by the Livening Agent

Once the retailer has approved the connection, the electrician/ customer will arrange with/ engage the Livening Agent to have the power connected. The Livening Agent is the organisation who will carry out the actual process of turning the power on to the property.

Retailer sends request to metering/ Livening Agent to install meter

At the same time, the retailer will advise MainPower they have approved the new power connection and retailer will also submit a service request to the Livening Agent to have the power connected. The Livening Agent is the organisation who will carry out the actual process of turning the power on to the property.

Livening Agent turns the power on to the new connection

The Livening Agent will liven the power supply.

Connection complete

The new power connection is now live! The Livening Agent will confirm with MainPower and the retailer that they have successfully turned the power on. The retailer will advise the customer that the new power connection is now live.

MainPower NZ Ltd

What you need to know

Some information and agreements that you might need when you’re applying for a new connection to our network are listed below.

Connection agreement

Make sure you read our Connection Agreement which outlines our relationship and roles and responsibilities when you connect to our network.

Network connection standards

Users of our network must comply with our Network Connection Standards.

Connection FAQS

Are there areas where a 3 phase supply is required?

Yes, there are certain areas that require a 3 phase power supply. A lot of rural blocks also require a 3 phase supply. Please contact MainPower on 0800 30 90 80 for more information.

How long does a connection take?

The entire process of connecting to MainPower's network and getting power to your property takes a minimum of 15 working days. At any time, you can contact MainPower to check the progress of your connection.

I have purchased a property and don’t know where the connection is?

It's important to know if you have an available power supply to your section. If you cannot locate the connection or are not sure, please contact MainPower for assistance, phone 0800 30 90 80.

What if I don't have a power supply available?

To get connected to the MainPower network, you need to have a suitable power supply to your site. If you don't have a power supply or you are not sure, you will need to complete a new power supply request.

What are MainPower's power supply application and design fees?

You can find our application and design fees below.

Click here to view application and design fees from 01 March 2024.

To get started, click here to make an application.

Where can I get a temporary power supply from?

Temporary supply connections give builders and other tradespeople access to electricity supply at a worksite where temporary power is required.

Your electrician or an approved provider, such as those listed below, can arrange a temporary builders' supply with MainPower.

SafePower Services

0800 POWER UP (03 343 3814)

Jamie Nutbrown Electrical

0800 563 583

022 069 6107

Bluecurrent (previously Vector Electrical Services )

0800 034 567

Hanmer Alpine Electrical & Air Conditioning

Office: 03 315 7955

After hours: 027 441 3101

Areas serviced: Hanmer, Lyford, Rotherham, Waiau, Culverden, Engineers Camp, Harwarden, Waikari, Cheviot and Maruia township.

Please note, there may be a charge for processing a new connection. All costs for temporary power are the responsibility of the customer.