17 August

MainPower AGM Covid-19 update

Given the Covid-19 Alert Level 2 restrictions and our responsibilities as an essential service provider, we will be changing the way our AGM is held this year. Protecting essential workers is the priority, this is to ensure our teams can continue to carry out the services we provide to the North...

20 February

Preparing for severe weather

Cyclone Gita is expected to bring heavy rain and high winds when it hits New Zealand. MetService is predicting its probable track is across central NZ or the top of the South Island on Tuesday and Wednesday.“This means preparing for the possibility of power cuts, water outages and road closures...

20 June

Please slow down for worksites

One of the biggest health and safety risks for MainPower employees is vehicles speeding through their roadside worksites.MainPower Operations Manager Rob Wilson says there have been a number of near misses lately, “We understand that traffic and pedestrian restrictions can be inconvenient, but...

9 January

Summer Safety

During the summer months, Kiwis love spending time outdoors doing household maintenance, boating or playing with the kids. It’s important to look up and look out for power lines when you’re out and about.“The key rule to remember is to make sure you maintain a minimum safe distance of at least 4...