Satisfy Rescue Sponsorship Update

In 2022, MainPower began a three year sponsorship agreement with Satisfy Food Rescue - a Kaiapoi-based food rescue organisation that re-distributes unwanted food from retailers like supermarkets, to charities, community groups and food banks around the region.

Every year, we receive an update on their work. Below is an Impact report detailing their achievements in the last financial year. 

With the support from MainPower, Satisfy has recently grown its operations to rescue food from an additional  7 new stores in the past quarter. This has allowed them to work towards their ‘zero food to landfill’ goal and to increase their capacity to serve vulnerable populations in North Canterbury and Christchurch.

  • In 2024, MainPower's financial support will help Satisfy to distribute food through their recipient organisations to reach an estimated 200,000 people.

  • With 7 new stores on board since December 2023, we have been able to significantly increase our presence in the region and make sure that those in need are not left hungry.

  • Food Rescued: Over 1,289,245 kilograms of food have been rescued to date, equivalent to more than 3.6 million meals for our community.

  • Community Partnerships: Satisfy collaborates with almost 50 community organisations directly assisting individuals in need. Their recipients target various vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, including women, children (tamariki), Māori, Pacific Islanders, the elderly, isolated or rural populations, and other ethnic minorities.

Recent Progress:

  • Distribution Increase: In the first quarter of 2024, there has been a remarkable 49% increase in food distribution compared to the last quarter of 2023.

  • Food Rescued Monthly: On average, 29 tonnes of food are distributed monthly, with a substantial portion of this from edible, surplus food destined for landfills. Notably, in March alone, 42 tonnes of food were rescued!

  • Meals Provided: They are consistently distributing the equivalent of over 80,000 meals every month to those in need.

Environmental Impact:

  • Carbon Emissions Reduction: In the 22/23 financial year, the food that Satisfy rescued contributed to a reduction of 1,131 tonnes of carbon emissions, mitigating environmental harm.

  • Water Conservation: Additionally, their efforts saved an impressive 953 million litres of water, further emphasising the environmental benefits of our food rescue initiatives.

See a breakdown of the food rescued below: