$30,000 awarded to local groups and education providers

Thirty-nine North Canterbury schools and charitable organisations have been named as recipients of the March 2021 MainPower Community Fund.

MainPower have been running the contestable fund since 2015, providing vital support to around 130 different groups since then.

MainPower Chief Executive Andy Lester says, “MainPower not only contributes to the region by providing vital infrastructure, we also have the privilege of distributing funding to many charitable organisations who are also working hard for North Canterbury.”

MainPower is a Trust owned company and the Trust Chair Kevin Brookfield says, “The initiative is a great way to ensure North Canterbury and Kaikoura community groups and schools can benefit from the company, in a different way than just providing electricity to them.”

Charitable groups and education providers are able to nominate themselves for a share of the $30,000 fund. Once the finalists are announced, community members vote for which groups should receive a share, with $20,000 allocated to community groups and $10,000 to education providers.

“It’s great to see the support for local groups coming through. Whether it’s supporting the regional A&P Associations, surf lifesaving clubs or giving a much-needed boost to local schools, the MainPower Community Fund is another way we can assist our region,” says Mr Lester.

Two rounds of the $30,000 fund take place each year. Nominations for the next funding round are open now.

Learn more about the recipients here.

Make a nomination for a local school of community group here.