Remembering Mark Appleman

15 February 2024

Mark Appleman
Remembering Mark Appleman: MainPower’s leader in network planning and community sustainability.

It is with deep sadness that MainPower announces the passing of Mark Appleman, our esteemed General Manager of Network Planning and Strategy, following a cardiac event.

Mark was a true leader in every sense, with a passion for strategic business management and a dedication to community wellbeing that set him apart.

With over two decades of experience in the electrical energy sector, Mark's contributions were invaluable. His innovative approach to strategic planning and delivery shaped our annual work programs, ensuring not only the optimisation of network services but also the enhancement of local value and sustainability.

Andy Lester, MainPower’s Chief Executive, explains the organisation is still coming to terms with the news as he was an integral and well-respected part of the team.

“Mark's leadership extended beyond the executive table. He was committed to building meaningful relationships with stakeholders and was known for his genuine care for both his team and the North Canterbury community at large. 

Not only did he see the value in making sure the network was built to support the needs of future generations, he also actively nurtured the upcoming generation in the community through coaching his children's sports teams and supporting their music endeavours.”

While we mourn the loss of a colleague and friend, we also celebrate the legacy that Mark leaves behind. His vision, dedication, and impact will continue to inspire us as we carry his work forward.

Our thoughts are with Mark's family and loved ones during this difficult time. He will be deeply missed, but his influence will live on in the lasting contributions he made.