Hanmer Springs community update

Hanmer Springs community update

MainPower has recently met with the Hanmer Springs community to discuss its operations in the region and to highlight plans for future works.

Over the past 12 months, Hanmer Springs has encountered 22 power outages. 12 of these outages affected less than 100 people. Nine of these instances were planned works requested by customers to facilitate growth in the area.

Of the unplanned outages, one was a cable fault, and the remaining were the result of damage from wildlife or weather/storms. MainPower has several measures in place to protect our infrastructure. However, rural networks can be more exposed to weather and wildlife causing unplanned power outages.

MainPower apologises for the inconvenience caused during these outages, we remain confident that our current infrastructure has sufficient capacity to support the Hanmer Springs community.

As shared at the community meeting, there are plans to upgrade the electricity lines into Hanmer Springs and to re-build the MainPower substation over the next five years. These upgrades will support the growing population in the future, and be more resilient to weather and wildlife-related events.