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MainPower is committed to supporting the communities of North Canterbury and Kaikoura.

Our greatest contribution to the community is through the customer rebate programme. If you are a qualifying customer you will receive a customer rebate, which appears as a discount on your monthly electricity bill. Over the last three years MainPower has paid close to $26 million in qualifying customer rebates.

MainPower also provides funding for community initiatives. The company supports a number of programmes and events each year and has developed a sponsorship strategy to ensure our support in the community is transparent and fair.

We currently support partnerships in the areas of youth, community energy efficiency programmes and activities, environmental sustainability and economic development.

It is important that our partnerships deliver maximum benefit for all parties and for the community.

The 2017 MainPower Community Fund is now closed. Click here for more information.

For more information on applying for sponsorship
Sponsorship guidelines fact sheet

To apply for sponsorship
Please complete a sponsorship request form and return to Corporate Communications, MainPower, PO Box 346, Rangiora 7440 or email corpcomms@mainpower.co.nz