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If you have any problems with your application call us on 03 311 8300.

When you submit your application, you will receive an email confirming your request details.

The entire process for connecting to MainPower's network and getting power to your property takes a minimum of 15 working days.

You can lodge up to 5 supply requests using this form. In order to lodge multiple requests, you will be presented with a summary page at the end of this process where you can opt to include additional requests in a single enquiry. This is optional, so if you only want to lodge a single request that is fine.

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Important information for building and electrical contractors

1. Application for Temporary Supply and New Connection

1.1 All applications for supply are to be made on the Network Connection Application online form on this page. Alternatively you can contact MainPower directly.
1.2 In normal circumstances, a new installation will not be connected to the supply until such time as MainPower has received notification from the Electrical Contractor.

2. Electrical Contractor’s Responsibility

2.1 It is the Electrical Contractor’s responsibility to ensure that proper provision is made for underground supply. On the MainPower network only MainPower approved contractors are permitted to access service boxes, link boxes or kiosks.
2.2 Where the Electrical Contractor has installed the service main to the power pole, they must contact MainPower to advise that the service cable is required to be raised and terminated. This is chargeable to the Electrical Contractor or customer. Only MainPower approved contractors are permitted to climb poles or access pole fuses.

3. Water Heating

3.1 MainPower will control all domestic water heater cylinders 180 litres and above.
3.2 Booster elements in solar water heaters are to be controlled by MainPower.
3.3 Booster elements in diesel water heaters are to be controlled by MainPower.

4. Mains

4.1 A certificate of compliance must be provided before any connection to the network can be completed.
4.2 If the load is above 60 Amp 1-phase or 32 Amp 3-phase, please consult MainPower’s Network Services team.
4.3 Additional requirements may apply to cover installations with large fixed-heating loads. Advice should be obtained from MainPower’s Network Services team before any wiring of mains is commenced on these particular installations.
4.4 Commercial Installations: The minimum size mains shall be: 3-phase 16 sq.mm plus 16 sq.mm Neutral in areas reticulated on 3-phase supply.

MainPower looks forward to assessing your application and connecting you to our distribution system.