MainPower is a proud member of the North Canterbury community. Not only do we provide an essential service in the form of a safe and reliable electricity distribution network, but we are also keen supporters of local community initiatives.

With a focus on youth, energy efficiency, economic developmental and environmental sustainability, our community sponsorship programme supports dozens of causes each year. You can read more about some of our long-term partnerships below.

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MainPower North Canterbury Sports Awards

In conjunction with sponsorship partner the North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust, the MainPower North Canterbury Sports Awards celebrate the region’s best sporting talent. Over 300 guests attend the gala dinner with winners announced in 16 categories, covering all aspects of sport from players to administrators and long term service awards at all levels from grass roots to success at an international level. The MainPower Youth Sports Scholarships are also announced at the event.

MainPower Primary School Coaching Programme

MainPower provides funding support to enable sport coaching sessions in 42 primary schools throughout North Canterbury, in conjunction with its partner the North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust. The programme's lessons teach fundamental skills through to more sport specific skills, depending on the needs and interest of the school and their students. The programme ignites interest and links to local sports clubs and organisations and provides an opportunity for relationship building, teamwork and personal development in a physical setting.

WaiSwim Programme

MainPower seeks to ensure that all primary school children in the region have the opportunity to learn to swim and achieve water safety skills that will equip them with the knowledge of how to survive in the water. Through a partnership with the North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust, Kiwi Sport, Southern Trust and the Waimakariri District Council, the MainPower WaiSwim Programme delivers swimming lessons 40 regional schools each year.

MainPower NZ Ltd
Community Energy Action

Since 2004 MainPower has been offering support to home insulation initiatives in the region. We ran the Warm Homes Makeover Project, Warm Up Kaikoura and sponsored the Warm Families Programme. Together, these initiatives assisted well over 1,000 households to make their homes warmer, drier and healthier. MainPower continues to offer support in this area by partnering with Community Energy Action, a charitable trust that provides insulation in low income households in North Canterbury and Kaikoura.

Anyone who wants their home insulated should contact Community Energy Action on 0800 GET WARM (0800 438 9276).

Enterprise North Canterbury

MainPower has taken a leadership role in supporting the economic growth and development of the region through its sponsorship of Enterprise North Canterbury, the economic and business development agency for the region. One of the core objectives of Enterprise North Canterbury is to sustain and grow existing business and promote new business in the region.

North Canterbury Business Awards

MainPower is the principal sponsor of the biennial North Canterbury Business Awards, supporting the growth and diversity of the local economy by celebrating the success of local businesses.

North Canterbury Radio Trust

MainPower’s ongoing support of North Canterbury Radio Trust ensures that community radio station Compass FM can continue to broadcast to its listeners in the region.

MainPower NZ Ltd
Flight Path Programme

MainPower has teamed up with Christchurch Helicopters and DOC as part of the Flight Path Programme to help conserve our unique local landscape - and one little bird in particular, the Orange-fronted Kākāriki. We are providing support to DOC through various initiatives like installing a mini-hydro generator at the hut located in the area where the Orange-fronted Kākāriki live.

MainPower Hurunui Natural Environment Fund

Established in partnership with the Hurunui District Council, the MainPower Hurunui Natural Environment Fund supports community initiatives to improve the district’s biodiversity. $10,000 is given annually to projects in the Hurunui area that improve or benefit the natural environment.

The MainPower Hurunui Natural Environment Fund is for distribution to applicants who are doing work on public or private land that improves, benefits, restores or reinstates indigenous natural qualities - in particular land, vegetation, wetlands or bird habitat.