Information for North Canterbury and Kaikoura residents

Do you, or does someone in your household, depend on electricity for Critical Electrical Medical Equipment (CEME)? Is your health or wellbeing especially vulnerable? Please let us know.

1. Simply fill out the Medically Dependent Customer Form which can also be completed online
Alternatively, please contact our team urgently on 0800TellMP (0800 835 567).

2. Get written confirmation from your doctor or healthcare professional outlining the equipment you have at home.

3. Send both the form and the confirmation to MainPower as soon as possible.

When we have this information, we will know that power outages would present a threat to your health or wellbeing.

Make sure you have a backup plan

We can never guarantee your power supply at all times, as temporary outages can occur. We urge you to have a clear emergency response plan. This could include always having a standby battery that is fully charged and ready to use. It could also include plans to immediately relocate to another address which has electricity supply.

For more information on vulnerable or medically dependent customers, visit the Electricity Authority website.