• How long does the new connection process take?

    The entire process of connecting to MainPower's network and getting power to your property takes a minimum of 15 working days. At any time, you can contact MainPower to check the progress of your connection.

  • What if I don't have a power supply available?

    To get connected to the MainPower network, you need to have a suitable power supply to your site. If you don't have a power supply or you are not sure, you will need to complete a new power supply request. We will provide a new power design and free quotation for your power supply.

  • I have purchased a property and don’t know where the connection is?

    It's important to know if you have an available power supply to your section. If you cannot locate the connection or are not sure, please contact MainPower for assistance, phone 03 311 8300.


  • Are there areas where a 3 phase supply is required?

    Yes, there are certain areas that require a 3 phase power supply. A lot of rural blocks also require a 3 phase supply. Please contact MainPower on 03 311 8300 for more information.

  • What is the cost for a temporary supply?

    MainPower has a standard charge for a temporary supply, regardless of location - all areas $473.00 including GST. This charge includes the supply, installation, meter, inspection and connection to an existing boundary box or cable. If additional work is required, additional charges may apply. This will provide you with a MainPower temporary supply meter box with a 20 Amp weatherproof plug attached to the post that the box is mounted on, for a period of six months. If the box is not returned to MainPower before the end of the six month term, a monthly rental fee of $57.50 including GST applies. If you would like further information, email connections@mainpower.co.nz or call 03 311 8383.