View unplanned power outages

View planned power outages

MainPower regularly completes maintenance and upgrade work on our electricity network. This can result in planned power interruptions. We appreciate that outages are inconvenient; our staff work as quickly and safely as possible to minimise any inconvenience to customers.

MainPower’s electricity network is one of the most reliable in New Zealand, however we do experience unplanned power outages due to a number of reasons. Did you know that one third of MainPower’s fault call outs are caused by trees and branches interfering with power poles and wires, particularly in times of high wind and snow? To find out more see our Trees and Power Lines page.

MainPower’s priority is to maintain continuity of supply and to notify customers of planned interruptions in accordance with our Connection Agreement. When power supply is disrupted, either due to a planned or unplanned interruption or when disconnection is requested by the retailer or an agency other than the customer, every effort is made to ensure human life is not threatened and that legislative and regulatory requirements are met.

Make sure your home and business is prepared to manage power outages – keep a torch and battery radio handy and charge your mobile phone often.

During an outage, or when we have to turn the power off to work on the power lines, generators can be used to run lights and appliances. If you have a generator, please follow general safety guidelines and never use a generator indoors. MainPower can provide advice on what kind of generator is suitable for your situation.

To report a fault call MainPower on 0508 60 70 80.