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MainPower New Zealand Limited is focused on providing a safe, secure and reliable electricity distribution network and provide a level of service and safety that meets the expectations of our customers.

MainPower has been distributing electricity to the region for nearly 100 years, delivering electricity to over 37,000 homes and businesses via 4,873 kilometres of overhead lines and underground cables, across a geographic area of 11,180 square kilometres.

MainPower is a community-owned company. The MainPower Trust holds the ownership of the company on behalf of the communities of North Canterbury and Kaikoura and for qualifying customers.

Community ownership of MainPower entitles customers and the local communities to a share of profit. Profit distribution is made in two ways. Qualifying customers are entitled to a customer rebate which appears on your monthly electricity bill. MainPower also provides profit distribution in the form of sponsorship of community initiatives.

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Our Network

MainPower are responsible for getting power to more than 37,000 customers in our region across our network of 4,873 kilometres of overhead lines and underground cables.

Our People

Our staff are our most valuable asset. We have a well-earned reputation for having an efficient workforce with a strong work ethic and high skill base.

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