MainPower has designed its electricity, health and safety processes and procedures to ensure the safety of people, property and the environment are given the greatest consideration at all times. The company’s commitment to health and safety complies with legislative, regulatory, local government and industry requirements.

The equipment we use and the work being undertaken by our staff in public places is designed and secured to prevent hazards.

We make members of the public aware of the hazards of coming into contact with electricity.

Signage is used to identify areas where work is being undertaken or where there are inherent dangers to the public.

MainPower actively promotes public safety in the wider community by:

  • Publication of safety information in Live Lines, which is published monthly in the Northern Outlook, The News (Hurunui), and Kaikoura Star
  • Promotion of the 24 hour fault and emergency line
  • Safety signage
  • Current updates on the MainPower website

Our public safety campaign titled 'Think for Safety's Sake' aims to reinforce key messaging about staying safe around electricity.

MainPower is audited on a yearly basis by a certified external organisation to ensure it maintains its AS/NZS 4081:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems accreditation.

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