MainPower requires the following in order to issue a High Load Consent:
• At least five working days' notice where no customer power outage required.
• At least 15 working days' notice where customer power outage required.
MainPower’s High Load Consent Administrator is available during business hours (Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.). Phone 03 311 8312.

Company Information

Load Details

Work Site Information

Application Terms and Conditions

  1. Any consent granted will be valid only for the date and times specified on the consent.
  2. The consent and its terms and conditions shall be strictly adhered to.
  3. The information submitted as part of this application, including date, time of entry and maximum height, is correct.
  4. The driver of the transporting vehicle is required to carry a copy of the consent and produce it on request.
  5. The driver of the over-dimensional load must allow the load to be measured by MainPower staff on request. If the load is over the height stated, the consent becomes null and void.
  6. All due care shall be taken during transportation of the load, whether or not the load is escorted.
  7. The issuing of a consent by MainPower does not exempt the consent holder from liability arising from damage to MainPower’s network caused by the load, whether it is escorted or not.
  8. Where a MainPower escort is required:

    (a)        The driver of the transporting vehicle shall abide by the directions of MainPower’s escort with respect to safeguarding MainPower’s network conductors and associated equipment during the transport of this load.

    (b)        The company transporting the high load is to supply mobile radios to MainPower’s escort vehicle so they can communicate to the driver of the vehicle transporting the load. If radios are not available, MainPower’s escort vehicle must be in front of the first over-dimensional load.

  9. The applicant will pay all charges made by MainPower or MainPower approved contractors in connection with the transport of this load.
  10. If any information provided by the applicant is incorrect and as a result damage is suffered, the applicant will cover all costs of repairing that damage and any claims by third parties arising from that damage, and will indemnify and keep indemnified MainPower New Zealand Limited against such damage and claims, including consequential damage and legal and other costs associated with the same.