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MainPower requires the following in order to issue a High Load Consent:
• At least five working days notice where no customer power outage required.
• At least 15 working days notice where customer power outage required.

MainPower’s High Load Administrator is available during business hours (Monday to Friday, between 8:00am and 5:00pm). Phone 03 311 8312.

Company Information

Load Details

Work Site Information

Application Conditions

The company making this application:

  • Agrees that any consent granted will be valid only for the date and times entered on this application.
  • Declares that information entered on this application, including date, time of entry and maximum height, is correct.
  • Agrees, if the information entered is incorrect and as a result damage is suffered, to indemnify and keep indemnified MainPower New Zealand Ltd against such damage, including consequential damage and legal and other costs associated with the same.
  • Agrees to take all due care, whether or not the load is escorted.
  • Understands that the issuing of a consent by MainPower does not exempt the Approval Holder from liability arising from damage to MainPower’s network caused by the load, whether it is escorted or not.
  • Agrees to abide by the directions of MainPower’s escort in respect to the safeguarding of MainPower’s network conductors and associated equipment during the transport of this load.
  • Agrees to pay all charges made by MainPower in connection with the transport of this load.