MainPower is responsible for the electricity distribution network of North Canterbury and Kaikoura.

Serious personal injury can result from damaging underground services during excavation and ground penetration, such as posthole drilling. Supply disruption and repairs can be costly and extremely irritating to customers.

The positions where cables are buried are subject to reasonable tolerance however, the depth of cover may have changed since installation. It is your responsibility to verify the position and depth of cables before excavation. If cables are not in the position shown on the plan or you require help, call MainPower on 03 311 8300 for further assistance.

Steps to ensure safe digging:

  • Obtain up-to-date plans from the relevant local authorities.
  • Use a cable locator, if possible, to mark-out the underground services before commencing work.
  • Practice safe digging procedures.
  • The Worksafe Guide for safety with underground services sets out agreed work methods and preferred work practices for the location and excavation of underground services.

Obtaining Copies of Plans
For copies of plans showing MainPower’s electricity cables complete the online Underground Record/Locate Services form. Please allow two working days to receive copies of plans.

For more information read the Dial Before You Dig fact sheet.

MainPower may hold some records of privately-owned cables connected to the MainPower network system; contact MainPower in the first instance.

Additional services MainPower can provide if you are planning your digging:

  • Mark-out Services: MainPower can trace cables using an electronic locator.
  • On-Site Supervision: For difficult work or locations, MainPower can provide on-site safety supervision.

Underground Council Services
All contractors are reminded of their legal responsibility to take all practicable steps to locate and protect existing services. In the road corridor, service plans and a Corridor Access Request (CAR) permit need to be obtained through the Beforeudig website. The Beforeudig service helps contractors to determine the location of any underground services before excavating. For service plans on private property, and lateral locations for work on private property that will not extend into any part of the road reserve, contact the Waimakariri District Council’s Customer Services team at