MainPower is committed to ensuring the safety of its staff and the community.

Property owners own and are responsible for the maintenance and repair of lines on their property. These are called service mains are not owned by or part of MainPower’s electricity distribution network. 

The orange lines show your responsibility.

LV service mains

The low voltage line from your boundary into your property (which may be an underground or overhead line) is called the service main. The service main belongs to you. You are responsible for ensuring this section of line is in good condition to ensure your safety and to prevent faults. You are also liable for any costs of maintenance on this section of line.

It is recommended that property owners carry out periodic visual checks to ensure that the lines and the poles supporting the overhead lines on their property are in good order. These checks should include checking that power lines are not in close proximity to trees. By keeping trees clear of your service main, you minimise the risk of damage caused by high winds and snowfall. However, working on trees around overhead lines can be very dangerous.

Please contact MainPower to discuss your options. Liability for damage to MainPower’s network in the event of an incident rests with the person who has caused the incident. The costs of causing a power outage to other customers on the line can be very high, particularly if those customers are commercial businesses. In rural areas, the service line might not be clear. If you are not sure what portion of the power line is your responsibility, contact MainPower for advice.

To ensure your safety, only MainPower approved contractors are permitted to access service boxes, link boxes, kiosks, climb poles or access pole fuses.

Interfering with power poles, service boxes and other electrical equipment in any way is extremely dangerous. It can pose serious health and safety risks, not only for those doing the interfering, but also the general public and MainPower employees. If you notice anyone acting suspiciously around network equipment or causing damage to network assets, call MainPower or call the police. You can also report graffiti damage here.

Always check with MainPower first. Phone 03 311 8300 for advice and assistance.

Power Poles, Lines and Equipment on Private Land Fact Sheet