If you are experiencing an unplanned outage please contact MainPower on 0508 60 70 80. 

Be aware of the following:

  • Treat any fallen power lines as live at all times.
  • Move back at least 10 metres, and keep everyone, especially children and animals, well clear of the area.
  • If someone is injured phone for an ambulance immediately by dialing 111.
  • Stay clear of an injured person in contact with power lines/pole, unless MainPower confirms the power is off.
  • If overhead power lines are hanging lower than usual, contact MainPower for assistance.

Make sure your home and business is prepared to manage power cuts – keep a torch and battery radio handy and charge your mobile phone often.

MainPower provide a 24 hour fault response service. Some fault response services may incur a cost, though this is generally only the case when the customer's property or actions have caused the fault.