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About MainPower


MainPower New Zealand Limited is a well established, locally owned company which has been distributing electricity throughout the North Canterbury and Kaikoura regions for over 73 years. 


We supply line services to approximately 33,000 customers and our key focus is ensuring a safe and reliable supply of electricity into your homes, businesses and facilities across our region.

66 kV lines, North Canterbury


MainPower is one of a number of community-owned lines companies in New Zealand.  We were originally called the North Canterbury Electric Power Board and have had a very important relationship with our family of customers since our very early days.


Our customers in the communities of North Canterbury and Kaikoura own MainPower New Zealand Limited through the MainPower Trust.  The MainPower Trust holds the shares in MainPower New Zealand Limited for the customers and community of North Canterbury and Kaikoura.  Our customers elect the Trustees.


Community ownership of MainPower entitles customers and the local communities to a share of profit.  Profit distribution is made in two ways.  Qualifying Customers are entitled to a monthly Customer Rebate which is paid out monthly on to power accounts.  Annually around $7 million is paid in customer rebates.


MainPower also provides profit distribution in the form of community initiatives. 


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About our community initiatives, visit Community. 

About MainPower, our business, and our relationship with our community follow any of the links below;


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MainPower New Zealand Limited and Utility Online

5 High Street
PO Box 346
Rangiora 7440
New Zealand

Ph 03 311 8300
Fax 03 311 8301


Faults within the MainPower area: Ph 0508 60 70 80