This process applies if you are unable to use the streamlined process under part 1A of schedule 6.1 of the Code.

Step 1
Read the Connection of Distributed Generation less that 10kW policy.

Step 2
Complete the Application Form and email to

We may also ask you to provide information about the technical specifications of your distributed generation from the manufacturer.

We are required to advise you within five working days whether your application is complete. If your application is incomplete, we will advise you of the information you will need to include when you reapply.

Step 3
If your application is correctly completed, we must advise you within 30 workings days whether your application is approved or declined.

If we decline your application we must advise you why we declined the application and what steps you need to take to have your application approved when you resubmit it. We must also advise you of the dispute resolution process under schedule 6.3 of the code.

We can ask for an extension of up to 20 working days to approve or decline your application.

Step 4
If your application is approved you must advise us in writing within 10 working days whether you intend to connect your generation. Once you have notified of your intention to connect, we have 30 working days to negotiate a connection agreement with you.

Step 5
Before you connect your generation to our network, you must test your generation and provide us with a comprehensive test and inspection report.

Step 6
You can arrange to have your distributed generation connected to our network. The metering of your distributed generation is the responsibility of your electricity retailer.