The following information applies to customers who generate their own electricity onsite via a Small Scale Generator “SSDG” (10 kilowatts or less) which is, or can be, connected to MainPower’s electricity network.

Step 1
Read the Distributed Generation Policy. Please talk to us if the inverter you propose to install:

  • does not conform with the standards AS4777.1 and AS/NZS4777.2
  • does not have protection settings that meet our connection and operating standards 
  • or is not preapproved by us

as a longer process may be required.

Please note as at 07/03/2017 there are no inverters preapproved for the MainPower network.

Please check whether your property is within an area of export constraint. If you are within an area of export constraint please contact us to discuss your application as soon as possible as you may not be able to export your generation to our network.

Step 2
Complete the online application form.

Step 3
We will contact you within two working days to confirm receipt of your connection application and advise if your application is complete. In the case of straightforward applications this may be a letter of approval to connect.

Under the Electricity Industry Participation Code if your inverter conforms to the New Zealand standards and we fail to approve the application within 10 workings days it is deemed to be accepted. It is crucial for the safe and efficient operating of our network that we know what distributed generation is connected to our network.

Step 4
Within 10 working days, MainPower will advise you whether your application is approved or declined if we haven’t already done so under step 3. If we decline your application we will give you detailed reasons for our decisions and steps that can be taken to remedy any defects. If you disagree with our decision schedule 6.3 of the code provides for a dispute resolution process.

All approved SSDG applications are deemed to be connected under the regulated terms of the Electricity Industry Participation Code. [Schedule 6.2, Part 6, Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010].

Step 5
Within 10 working days of approval to connect your SSDG you must supply MainPower a copy of the COC (Certificate Of Compliance) for the installation of your SSDG.

Step 6
Connect your distributed generation system to MainPower’s network. Any metering requirements are the responsibility of your electricity retailer.

NB: Before you connect your SSDG to the MainPower network it must be inspected by a registered electrical inspector and a copy of the ROI (Record of Inspection) must be provided to you for your records.