On Thursday 11 June 2015, MainPower hosted an information session for local residents at Tuahiwi Market Gardens. The purpose of the evening was to inform residents of plans for a proposed substation on the land purchased by MainPower in Tuahiwi (bordering Tuahiwi and Rangiora Woodend Roads).

MainPower’s focus is on the delivery of a safe, secure and reliable electricity network in our region. The need for the proposed substation is driven by rapid growth in the Rangiora urban area and the Woodend/Pegasus area.

What is the project all about?
In order to cope with rapid growth in the Rangiora urban area and the Woodend/Pegasus area, MainPower plans to construct a 66/11kV (kilovolt) substation in the Rangiora east area on a triangle of land at the Tuahiwi and Rangiora-Woodend Road intersection. The substation will ensure capacity is available for growth and will improve security of supply to the area. The project will also require the construction of new 66kV supply lines to the substation and the creation of new 11kV feeder lines out of the substation into the surrounding district.

When will the construction commence?
The timing of the construction is dependent on future growth rates in the Rangiora and Woodend areas, and is forecast to be within 2-4 years. Before MainPower can proceed with the project, we need to go through the resource consent process with the Waimakariri District Council (WDC). This will involve a formal consultative process and mitigation of concerns and impacts.

Where can I get more information about the project?
We are only in the very early stages of the project so there is not a lot of information available. If you are interested in being kept informed, please make contact with MainPower and we will add you to our distribution list for any updates.

How can I have my say?
At this stage, you can provide your feedback directly to MainPower. Before commencement of the project, it will go through the resource consent process which provides an opportunity for public submissions from affected parties.

Send us your completed feedback by email or through the post.
By email:feedback@mainpower.co.nz
By mail (no stamp required):
PO Box 346
Rangiora 7440