MainPower is consulting with the community on electricity line charges. This is your chance to have an influence on MainPower's future decisions around how we set prices for these charges, which may affect part of your electricity bill.

How do you think we should set prices to deliver electricity?

Line charges cover the cost of delivering electricity to homes and businesses. These costs are included in the electricity bill you receive from your electricity retailer. Should the price for electricity line charges be set by what's fair for all, or should high users be charged more? Would you prefer prices to be based on a fixed charge, volume, peak consumption or time of use?

What consultation have we done?

In April 2016 we completed stage one of our pricing consultation project. This included an online survey that the local community was invited to complete. We had a great response with almost 2,000 customers taking the opportunity to have their say on topics related to lines charges and new technologies. To see a summary of the results, click here.  

If you would like to have your say, contact us and we can let you know what consultation we currently have open.

Need more information?

For an overview of the future of network pricing, read our Pricing Roadmap.