We recently completed a short online survey with customers to understand ways we can improve our complaints process. 

Thanks for sharing your views on what is important to you when you provide feedback or make a complaint to MainPower. 

We received some really useful insights, including: 

  • Not surprisingly, 75% of respondents said that if dissatisfied with the service they received from an organsiation, they would ‘tell family and/or friends’. 
  • When asked what outcome was important when providing feedback, the top response given was that the ‘issue is given priority' (i.e., escalated to the right person).
  • Respondents who had made a complaint to MainPower, stated that their dissatisfaction was in regard to communication (lack of) and safety.
  • Respondents were ‘moderately satisfied’ with the way in which their complaint was dealt with.

We're using this information to help identify the aspect of service interaction that customer's truly value, What we are hearing is that our customers want to be kept informed and they expect safe practices.