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Connecting to the MainPower network enables you to purchase electricity from retailers in North Canterbury and Kaikoura.

There are three options for connecting to the network, depending on what you want to do:

Note: Please check whether a single phase or three phase supply is required, before applying for a new connection. Some rural sub divisions are required to have a three phase supply.  

New Power Supply – my property has no power at the boundary

MainPower needs to check if a suitable power supply is available to your property. Just because a pole or service box is near your boundary, does not mean it is suitable for your installation. If power is not readily available, we will provide a new power design and quotation for your power supply. If you are not sure, please contact us. If you do not have a power supply at your boundary, please complete a new power supply request.

New Connection – my property has an existing power supply to the boundary

If you have a power supply to your property, you can complete our online connection application to connect to the MainPower network. This can be completed by an electrician, builder or customer. Because electrical information is required, you may not be able to complete the application without expert advice. We suggest you speak with your electrician if you are unsure of exactly what type of electricity supply is needed.

New Distributed Generation – my property will have solar, wind, or hydro generation

For information on connecting distributed generation, click here.  



Connection Agreement:

Make sure you read our Connection Agreement which outlines our relationship and roles and responsibilities when you connect to our network.

Click to download agreement

Network Connection Standards:

Users of our network must comply with our Network Connection Standards.

Click to download standards

Subdivision Requirements:

Information for developers.

Click to download requirements