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The following information applies to customers who generate their own electricity onsite via a small scale generator (10 kilowatts or greater) which is, or can be, connected to MainPower’s electricity network.

Step 1
If you intend connecting distributed generation of more than 10kW please contact us to discuss as early as possible.

Please check whether your property is within an area of export constraint. If you are within an area of export constraint please contact us to discuss your application as soon as possible as you may not be able to export your generation to our network.

Step 2
Complete the Initial Application for Distributed Generation form and the Technical Specifications Form and email both to connections@mainpower.co.nz or fax to 03 313 4300.

Step 3
Within five working days, MainPower will contact you to confirm receipt of your application and to discuss any further information or design work that may be required.

Step 4
Submit your final application for connection to the MainPower network. Complete the Final Application Form and apply be written correspondence including all requested information.

Step 5
Once your final application is approved you will need to send MainPower your notice to proceed in writing.

Step 6
MainPower will contact you to formalise your connection agreement. Our preferred terms and conditions for the connection and operation of distributed generation are based on the Regulated Terms set out in schedule 6.2 of part of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010.

Step 7
Connect your distributed generation system to MainPower’s network.