MainPower Hurunui Natural Environment Fund
Established in partnership with the Hurunui District Council, the MainPower Hurunui Natural Environment Fund supports community initiatives to improve the district’s biodiversity. $10,000 is given annually to projects in the Hurunui area that improve or benefit the natural environment.

The MainPower Hurunui Natural Environment Fund is for distribution to applicants who are doing work on public or private land that improves, benefits, restores or reinstates indigenous natural qualities - in particular land, vegetation, wetlands or bird habitat.

2017 Recipients of the MainPower Hurunui Natural Environment Fund

  • Moir Farms, Amberley - granted $2,500 to establish a protected area of native planting around a natural waterway in Creek Gully.
  • Mt Lyford Association - granted $2,500 to eradicate wilding pines around Mt Lyford.
  • Port Robinson Reserve Advisory Group - granted $5,000 to complete work on the eradication of wilding pines in the area. 

Green Corps

Green Corps is a Waimakariri District Council enquiry-based learning initiative which aims to provide hands-on environmental learning for school students. It also offers schools the opportunity to take ownership of our parks and reserves and assume a lead role in their ongoing development and maintenance through actively developing them with our assistance.

Green Corps started in May 2013, and currently works with the following schools and their neighbouring reserves:

  • Clarkville School – Silverstream Reserve, Clarkville
  • Swannanoa School – Whites Road Reserve, Ohoka
  • Southbrook School – Hegan Reserve and Matawai Park, Rangiora
  • Rangiora New Life School – Hegan Reserve
  • Rangiora High School Blue Planet

In 2015/16 Green Corps held 10 planting/mulching days, involving around 250 school students. Read our blog on a recent planting day here and for more information, visit the Green Corps Facebook page.