The 2019 Community Fund is now open!

This year there is a share of $30,000 available to community groups or schools operating in or serving North Canterbury. $20,000 will be allocated to community groups and $10,000 will be allocated to North Canterbury schools.

In 2019, the Community Fund will be run in two stages, the nominations stage and the public voting stage. For more information on the new structure, please refer to the FAQ section below.

Please click the link below to access the nomination form.

Community group nomination form.

School project nomination form.

MainPower Community Fund FAQs

  • What is the MainPower Community Fund?

    The MainPower Community Fund is a contestable fund available to community groups, cultural organisations or schools operating in or serving the North Canterbury region. In 2019, a share of $30,000 will be split between the successful applicants, with $20,000 be allocated for community organisations and $10,000 being allocated to North Canterbury schools.

  • How is the MainPower Community Fund structured?

    From 2019, The MainPower Community Fund will be split into two stages, the nomination stage and the public voting stage.

  • How will the funds be divided between schools and community groups?

    $10,000 will be allocated to schools and $20,000 will be allocated to community groups.

  • What happens during the nomination stage?

    Residents of North Canterbury are invited to nominate community groups, cultural organisations or schools operating in or serving the North Canterbury region for a share of the $30,000 fund. The nomination stage opens Thursday 11 July and closes Friday 30 August, allowing approximately six weeks for nominations to be submitted.

  • What sort of projects/activities are eligible?

    MainPower supports a range of activities that benefit North Canterbury. We have a particular focus on activities that support our region’s youth, economic development, environmental sustainability and projects related to energy efficiency.

  • Who can make a nomination?

    Any resident of North Canterbury (i.e. customers of MainPower) or representatives of the organisation being nominated. 

  • Can I nominate a group/school I am a part of?

    Absolutely, let us know about all the great things your group is doing for North Canterbury.

  • Can I nominate a group/school I am not directly associated with?

    Yes, please let us know of any community projects or organisations that you think are deserving of a financial boost.

  • Can I nominate more than one group/school?

    Yes. Please submit a separate form for each nomination.

  • How long is the nomination stage open?

    Nominations open Thursday 11 July and close Friday 30 August. They are open for approximately seven weeks.

  • Why do schools need to nominate a specific project, activity or event?

    As we receive so many nominations for schools, understanding exactly what the funds would be used for will help to differentiate when shortlisting finalists. This will help North Canterbury voters to make a more informed decision on where to cast their vote rather than simply selecting the name of a school.

  • What happens once nominations close?

    MainPower will review all nominations and select a group of finalists. The number of finalists selected will depend on the quantity and quality of the nominations received.

    MainPower may get in touch with nominees ahead of the finalists being named to confirm some details about their operations, if necessary.

    MainPower will contact all successful finalists before the public voting stage is opened.

  • What happens during the voting stage?

    All finalists will be profiled on the MainPower website, including details about the organisation, project or activity they are seeking funding for.

    Members of the North Canterbury community will be encouraged to vote for the causes they think are most deserving of a share of the $30,000 Community Fund.

    The voting stage will open Monday 9 September and will close Friday 14 October, allowing around four weeks for votes to be cast.

  • Who is eligible to vote?

    Any resident of North Canterbury (i.e. customers of MainPower).

  • Can I vote more than once?

    Please only vote once, to ensure that the final voting tally accurately reflects the wishes of North Canterbury.

  • If my group or school makes it to the public voting stage, can I ask people to vote for them?

    Absolutely. Please feel free to share the good news with your networks and encourage people to vote.

  • When will the Community Fund recipients be announced?

    Once voting closes, MainPower will review the votes and inform the recipients that they have been successful. The recipients will be announced on the MainPower website once all recipients have been contacted. We estimate this will be around mid-October.