MainPower is responsible for delivering and maintaining a safe, secure and reliable power supply to the North Canterbury region.

We own and operate the electricity infrastructure that delivers electricity to homes and businesses from the national grid. Electricity retailers sell electricity to residential and business customers - this is who you receive your monthly bill from.

There are currently 22 electricity retailers operating in the North Canterbury region, listed below. 

Body Corporate Power
Community Power Limited
Contact Energy
Electric Kiwi
Energy Online
Energy Club NZ
Genesis Energy
Grey Power Electricity
Kea Energy Limited 
Mercury Energy
Meridian Energy
Nova Energy
Opunake Hydro
Pioneer Energy
Prime Energy Limited
Pulse Energy
Simply Energy
Switch Utilities
Tiny Mighty Power

In our role as an electricity distribution business, MainPower provides the same terms to all electricity retailers who express an interest in trading on the network. Please contact MainPower's Regulatory Manager on 03 311 8553 for further information.