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Waimakariri West District
This project commenced two years ago to double the available capacity into the western area of the Waimakariri district between Swannanoa and Oxford, arising from increasing demand for power caused by growth in the dairy sector. This year sees the continuation of the five year project, budgeted to cost $22m for network upgrades and a further $4m for Transpower upgrades at Southbrook. This year’s work will focus on completing the upgrade of the Swannanoa substation, continuing construction of the new Burnt Hill substation and completion of the 66kV (Kilovolts) line upgrade to Burnt Hill.

Woodend District
There is rapid growth occurring in the Woodend and Pegasus area, including the Ravenswood development and further growth from Pegasus Town. MainPower is currently managing this growth through recently upgraded feeders from the Kaiapoi substation. The planned upgrade of the Ashley substation coupled with local Woodend feeder upgrades will assist in managing growth at Woodend for the immediate future. Eventually, a new Woodend substation will be required to meet additional growth. This project is expected to cost $6m for network upgrades and $5m for Transpower upgrades over the next five years.

Ashley District
This new project will cost $5.8m over the next four years and provides additional capacity at the Ashley substation to take over some of the growing load in the Rangiora northern and eastern areas, providing increased security of supply to the Loburn, Ashley and Sefton areas as well as strengthening links to Amberley. The project involves the replacement of two transformer banks at Ashley to create 40 MVA (Megavolt ampere) of firm capacity and the creation of several new high capacity 11kV feeders into the surrounding area.

Culverden District
This new project will increase the available capacity at the Culverden substation from 30 MVA at 33kV to 80 MVA at 66kV and will include a major rebuild of MainPower’s local Mousepoint substation and 22kV feeders into the Culverden District. The project is budgeted to cost $8.6m for network upgrades and a further $9m for Transpower upgrades at Culverden over the next four years. The upgrades have been caused by very rapid load growth from dairying and irrigation, particularly from the Balmoral area. The focus of work this year is on the design phase for the Transpower component and MainPower’s substation, along with the start of some feeder upgrades.

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