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The 2013 September a severe windstorm in North Canterbury caused widespread power interruptions for many MainPower customers and tested our customer service to the limits. The vast majority of the power faults were caused by trees making contact with power lines in the strong winds. As a result, MainPower is taking a stronger stance on trimming and removing trees that could be a hazard to power lines in the region.

In the last year, MainPower completed over 1,400 new connections; the majority of these were in the Waimakariri District, New Zealand’s fastest growing district in 2013. This truly tested MainPower’s resources, but with an expanding workforce and contracting in additional resources, we managed to meet customers’ expectations on delivery.

MainPower has installed a new telephone system in our premises at Southbrook Business Park, which will improve our service to customers by being able to manage a greater number of calls during major power outage events and the ability to update customers sooner with information on power system faults via the telephone.