MainPower was a pioneer in solar photovoltaics (PV) with the installation of the South Island’s then largest grid connected PV array at Rangiora High School in 1999. 

We followed this up in 2006 with a 6 kW array on MainPower’s former High Street building (this installation has now been moved to the Boyle Outdoor Education Lodge with the help of The Warehouse Ltd who now own the site of MainPower’s old building).

Then in 2016 we partnered with St Joseph's School in the installation of a solar storage hybrid system (one of the first schools in the South Island to benefit from the technology).

Since 2006, the price of solar panels has dropped dramatically and there is a substantial uptake of solar photovoltaics among our customers. As at March 2016, there were 411 grid connected solar arrays on our network, producing 1,823 kilowatts of energy.

For information on installing solar generation on your property, visit our distributed generation page. 

For more information on solar generation, visit the Sustainable Electricity Association New Zealand website.