Distributed Generation

Distributed generation refers to energy that is generated by small scale generating technologies (e.g. water, solar, wind) that is connected to the electric power network.

Intelligent networks (or Smart Networks) describes a potential future of the electricity system that moves away from the historical model of centralised power stations, lengthy transmission grids and distribution networks supplying dispersed loads, to one that incorporates a high degree of integration and communication between generation (both centralised and distributed), electricity networks, electricity meters and individual appliances/equipment. 

The idea behind this future scenario is that it will improve efficiency, reliability, cost, sustainability and resilience of the production and distribution of electricity.

The emergence of intelligent networks relies heavily on continued technology development in order to overcome a number of hurdles caused by the way the present electricity system has been built to operate as well as the market environment.

MainPower believes that this future scenario is likely, and therefore actively monitors and adjusts its future planning to adapt to changes as they emerge. MainPower also expects that distributed generation will be a critical component to any future intelligent network and is therefore is actively seeking viable distributed generation opportunities to develop independently or in partnership with others.

Anyone who meets the applicable safety, technical, operational and commercial requirements can connect to our network. For more information on connecting to our network with, visit the distributed generation page.