• Underground Cable Jointer

    While the MainPower network in North Canterbury and Kaikoura is predominately overhead, there is an increasing percentage of underground assets being installed. Underground Cable Jointers work on high and low voltage electricity cables within the underground services area of the company. They assist in the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment such as switchgear, circuit breakers and transformers along with the associated wiring of this equipment. Cable Jointers require NZ electrical registration and a current practicing licence. Cable Jointers working on the MainPower network are health and safety conscious; they are self-motivated, with a positive attitude and team orientation.

  • Overhead Line Mechanic

    Line Mechanics install, repair and maintain our overhead power network that supplies electricity to MainPower’s customers. The role requires a good knowledge of electrical theory and technical and practical skills. To become a Line Mechanic you need to complete an apprenticeship. Linemen work outdoors, up poles, in a variety of weather conditions. Our Line Mechanics are reliable, safety conscious and are able to work well under pressure.

  • Network Field Operator (Electrical Faultperson)

    Network Field Operators provide fault response and field operation of the MainPower network. They respond and repair network faults, investigate power supply problems and provide electronic cable location services. This is a highly technical job that requires NZ electrical registration and a current practicing licence. Our Network Field Operators communicate effectively and have good customer liaison skills.

  • Technician

    MainPower Technicians provide electrical testing and technical functions without our Technical Services team. Their primary responsibility is the construction, maintenance, fault analysis and repair of high voltage and low voltage control, protection, communication, metering and auxiliary electrical systems. Technicians require an electrical registration and practicing licence. As well as having experience within the electricity supply industry, to be a Technician you need to be self-motivated with a positive attitude and team orientation.   

  • Electrician

    MainPower has a team of experienced and qualified Electricians who have various responsibilities within the company. Our Electricians assist with the construction, installation and maintenance of distribution substations, kiosks, link-boxes and equipment/switchgear as well as undertaking connection and livening of new low voltage electrical equipment. To be a MainPower Electrician you need to be familiar with all relevant electrical safety rules, procedures and standards associated with work undertaken.

  • Electrical Fitter

    An Electrical Fitter provides electrical fitting functions within MainPower’s Substation Workshop team. Their specific responsibility is the construction and installation of distribution substations, kiosks and link-boxes. Electrical Fitters require an electrical registration and practicing licence. As well as having experience within the electricity supply industry, to be a Technician you need to be self-motivated with a positive attitude and team orientation.   

  • Utility Arborist

    MainPower’s Utility Arborists are trained to work on vegetation near live power lines using tree trimming plant and associated equipment such as chain saws, pod saws and chippers. They mostly work from elevated work platforms, at height.

  • Underground Utility Worker

    Utility Workers install underground services on the MainPower network including the excavation and reinstatement of underground service installation sites. Utility Workers need to be able to work to plans and instructions and deliver a high level of customer service. This is a great career pathway to overhead apprenticeships within MainPower. 

  • Systems Engineer

    Systems Engineers provide technical engineering capability to MainPower’s engineering division. They design and maintain our SCADA systems – coded signals over communication channels that provide control of remote equipment. Systems Engineers require a tertiary level electrical qualification, a sound knowledge and experience in electrical design and project management and knowledge of computing software and wireless communications.

  • Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Advisor

    MainPower is committed to the safety of its staff and the community. Our HSEQ Advisors provide health and safety advice to meet our regulatory and voluntary accreditation requirements. They take a primary role in delivering the outcomes of our health and safety policy with a view to improving and increasing employee safety awareness, participation and positive behavioural change.

  • Administration, Professional and Managerial

    MainPower has many and varied office based roles for talented people including engineering, human resources, IT, finance and safety.

  • Apprenticeships

    The Electricity Supply Industry has a number of career paths. The industry is seen as an essential service to the prosperity of New Zealand, ensuring the country maintains an electricity network system that can sustain the economic growth of New Zealand. Participants in the industry range from electrical engineers, design managers, CAD and GIS operators, project managers, technicians, line mechanics, electrical fitters, cable jointers and electricians all serving the industry. For more information concerning career pathways in the Electricity Supply Industry visit the Connexis website.